About Us

In 1889, at the Paris World Exposition in France, the world's first artistic glass crystal ball was unveiled;
In 1920, a designer from Pittsburgh, USA, turned the glass crystal ball into a "decorative piece full of art";
In 1970, crystal balls merged with technology, incorporating dynamic elements of music and light, encapsulating beautiful memories.

For over a hundred years, countless people around the world have collected crystal balls, using them to preserve wonderful memories!
For cherished relationships you wish to nurture, moments worth commemorating or expressing gratitude for,
JARLL crystal ball music boxes are undoubtedly your best choice for gifts!

Crafting Taste with Professionalism, Bringing Art into Life

From Hsinchu, Taiwan, the Shinlin Glass Group, founded by Mr. Yongchuan Ho, has delved into the craft of glass artistry for 30 years, obtaining thousands of technical patents. With outstanding R&D, manufacturing, quality, and integrity, the group has earned the trust and long-term cooperation of numerous renowned global clients, becoming the largest supplier leading the global crystal ball gift market.

In 2006, the group established its own brand, JARLL Art, gradually building a highly approachable, comprehensive lifestyle art brand, enriching our lives by bringing art into the everyday.

Comprehensive Art Gift Manufacturer

JARLL Art has always positioned itself as a global manufacturer of exquisite gifts, maintaining a long-term international market presence with a development strategy that emphasizes creative R&D, production manufacturing, and customer orientation, which has led to recognition and long-term collaboration with top-tier international clients.

In addition to leading the global market with crystal ball music boxes, JARLL's products and technology encompass a variety of media in fine art, including glass, cold porcelain, ceramics, metal, plastic, etc., continuously enhancing the artistic and design levels, and successfully creating a new realm of lifestyle art gifts.

Corporate Cooperation

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