Production Process

Original Design

Designers transform whimsical ideas
into paper art,
Pondering the dreams and joys within the crystal ball,
Sketching the blueprint of dreams with every stroke.

Hand Sculpting

In the curved world beneath the crystal sphere,
Sculptors focus intently,
Carving out every detail for all to see,
Through precise calculations of the magnification of each orb's curve,
Sculpting the perfect proportions.

Painting and Coloring

Painters infuse craftsmanship,
Meticulously depicting,
Dressing each piece in the colors of art,
As your gaze settles on the details,
You’ll discover
Ingenuity at every turn,
Astonishing and worthy of your repeated appreciation.

Filling and Casting

Our patented vacuum filling equipment for water,
Ensures the stability of the crystal balls,
Quality that's clear and bright,
Allowing crystal balls that travel to every corner of the world
To display their most perfect essence.

Final Product Completion

The intricate craftsmanship,
The demand for aesthetic perfection,
All for the pursuit of your satisfied smile.

Dreams Taking Flight

What we offer
Is not just a delicate piece,
But also the dreams brimming in your heart.